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Types of Motor Insurance

The word Motor generally includes a number of kinds of vehicles riding on the roadways.
These may

Motor insurance policy

The motor insurer is an insurance policy covering the customer in the event of financial losses incurred by the covered vehicle – as a consequence of the accident or other damage.
A comprehensive engine coverage covers damages to the property of third parties and third parties as well as compensation for own losses.

Vehicle insurance status

You can simply verify whether your car is still covered, even if you have forgotten the insurance information or have misplaced your policy paperwork. Your insurance company can track your renewal and your insurance provider for more basic information.

Step 1:

Maintain all necessary data, such as the accident name, accident site (when known), accident date, cellphone number, email ID, car registration, and address.

Step 2:

Enter all the necessary information in obligatory fields and log in to the IIB Web portal.

Step 3:

You can search using data such as the car engine number or chassis number if you cannot acquire the insurance details with the vehicle registration numbers.


Oh, yes, that’s it. It is important that you acquire motor insurance before taking your car off on the highway, in accordance with Sec. 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you are not interested in a comprehensive insurance plan, the lowest coverage that you are required to get for your vehicle is a third-party policy.


Knowing the main variables affecting car insurance prices can lead to an educated decision:

Cover type

In contrast to their third party, an integrated insurance policy covering both the insured vehicle and a third party would set higher premiums.

Position of geography

The automobile insurance prices in India are one of the key factors in your region of residence. For example, if you are a resident of a country’s metropolis, vandalism is likely and accidents will occur in the lesser cities of Tier 2 and Tier 3. This prompts insurers to increase automobile insurance policy prices.

Security features installed

If your automobile has extra security features such as anti-theft devices, airbags, GPS monitoring system, alarm, and anti-locking brake systems, insurers will consider securing your car and set lower (read-only) premiums accordingly.

Supplementary amendments

With pricey devices put in your car – like alloy wheel, roof rail, and its likes – you may probably expect higher rates. If you also want protection for these items, it is suggested that you install them at the time of purchase by the appropriate auto dealer.

Online status checking for vehicle insurance:

The procedure of insuring cars is straightforward and easy to follow. The Indian Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) created the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB).IIB is an online platform for tracking information on motor vehicle insurance policies.
The following are the online insurance check steps:


stage 1:

Check out the IIB website.

Step 2:

Enter the data you need, such as name, email identification or cellphone number, address, register number of cars, accident date, and the code ‘Captcha’ for security.

Step 3:

Click submit. Click submission.

Step 4:

The corresponding auto insurance policy details show, however, the prior policy information is provided when they are not accessible.

Step 5:

You can look via the engines and chassis number of the automobile if you do not find any information using the aforementioned approach.


You may discover information by checking the concerned RTO if you don’t want to verify the status of your vehicle insurance online. You can supply the information. When your automobile has been damaged and you wish to make a financial loss claim, then:

Call your employer for insurance

However, you must contact the relevant vehicle insurance company for further information if you have had an accident and want to know the auto insurance data in the other automobile.