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Compare plans and agreements of the biggest animal insurance companies

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Why should I take out pet insurance?

It is vital to look for the proper cover to safeguard your furry companion, which is right for both of you. We thus collaborate with over 25 major pet insurance companies to make the best prices for you.

Compare plans and agreements of the biggest animal insurance companies
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Why should I pet insurance be taken out?

Pets are part of the family, therefore it may be annoying and frequently quite expensive when a dear four-legged companion suffers from an incident such as disease or an injury.

Vet fees may rapidly mount up, but insurance for pets can assist cover your medical expenses and reduce your financial pressures.
You may thus concentrate on improving your cuddly friend.

Pet insurance products

Insurance for dog

Your pup will be covered by Dog Insurance if you require medical care, so rest assured your true buddy is protected.

Insurance for Cat

They may still land on their feet, but obtaining a policy that covers their moggy, regardless of age and lineage, is worthwhile.

Insurance Puppy

Women and mixed people go together.
If you find yourself in an unexpected scenario, Puppy insurance may safeguard your pet.

Insurance for kittens

Do not trust your nine lives to get them out of danger, your new tiny bundle of fluff can be a safety net.

Insurance Rabbit

Rabbits have dearly loved family pets, thus, if you become sick, make sure you have a cover that keeps your bunny happy.

Insurance for horse

Horses may also be prone to theft and costly to take care of.
Horse insurance can help both you and your steed to safeguard your finances.

Four forms of animal insurance exist

Our furry friends are all unique, therefore there are a few different purchasing alternatives available for pet insurance:


This is generally the most costly but also the most popular insurance, which implies that your animal is protected throughout its lifetime.

2.Time limited

This sort of coverage ensures that your pet will cover accidents or short-term diseases for a certain period of time, generally 12 months.

3.Per condition

Also known as the Maximum Benefit Cover policy provides a set sum for the treatment of each disease or damage per condition.

4.Accident only

This applies to veterinary charges when your pet is accidentally hurt. It is short-term but does not cover disease, the cheapest form of pet insurance.

Cheapest is not for your friend always the greatest thing

Factors such as the age and breed of your pet will influence your protection and how much you spend when picking a pet insurance plan. However, if you follow a conditional policy, you can claim as often as necessary until the cover is exhausted. However, even if the pet requires further care, you will not be able to claim again for the disease or injury. For the majority of pet owners, lifetime plans are a favored option despite being the most costly form of coating, particularly with races more vulnerable to specific diseases.

Compare plans and agreements of the biggest animal insurance companies
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What is generally covered by pet insurance?

Cover for veterinary costs and medicines

Chin and costs for cattery (if your pet needs to stay for recovery)

Costs and rewards for publicity are covered.

But insurance firms won’t afford everything, so read the tiny print before you take out your insurance policy, to discover what the derogations are.

Most insurance often doesn’t cover routine checks, medical issues, or behavioral problems.

We do not think you should select to insure your inexpensive dog primarily on pricing, because this might leave you with an insufficient policy that is not enough for your needs.

5 most frequent and 5 highest costly insurance claims for animals.

We have a vet coverage of £1,000 to £6,000 according to the plan we have selected.
Other advantages, such as public liability, theft, street covering, and vacation insurance – additionally protecting and supporting your cover limit are included in many of our plans.

Whether you’re searching for insurance for your puppy or a pet for older canines, Animal Friends can meet the needs of your dog and your budget.

What is the cost of pet insurance?

Some schemes begin as little as 1 dollar a day.
We provide customized coverage for your pet for the finest animal insurance (s).
This implies that insurance prices for pets might vary according to a few typical factors:

Animal Type, including pet age genus Location Pet age

Discounts on animal insurance might save you money.

Pay Discount Yearly

You can be helped by the GEICO Insurance Agency to have your budget customized.
But it pays to pay completely sometimes.

Discount Multi-Pet

It might be difficult to have pets, particularly if you have more than one.
With a multi-pet discount, we can help make things a bit simpler.

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